Monday, 20 December 2010

Overheard today at Cowley Centre...

(yes, I can't keep away from the place)

A group of young ladies, surrounded by shopping bags, sheltering from the snow and taking the opportunity for a quick fag. As Lumpy and I slid past, one of the more voluptuous members of the group, with her hair in a very fetching side ponytail, was heard to declare:

"It don't matter what I do. I can put me hair up like this, put some nice make-up on. Whatever. Don't matter. I'll always look like a chav."

Now that's self-awareness.


  1. The poor girl ought to try shaving her head.

    Happy Crimbo.


  2. Cowley Centre unexpectedly holds a special place in my heart, we bought my wedding ring in the jeweller's there. The in-laws lived in Iffley, is why we swanned down to the shops at Cowley.

    Have a lovely lumpy Christmas, dear Badgers