Monday, 4 July 2011

One years (and five day)

So. I madez it. I survives one whole years (and five day. Okays, iz late. Us one-year-and-five-day-olds are very busie, you nose).

The burfday woz goods. PRESENCE x milllllllionz.

Lumpie like presence. ALOT.

Eatinge thems in particulars. Nomnomnoms.


Note pleezed expression. Lumpylikecar! Also: hairs. V carfully styled. Looking this gud take work, you no.

And what great treats did Boob Lady and Daddybadger have in stores to celebrate this great occasionals?

Henley Rowing Thing.

They took Lumpies to Henley Rowing Thing last yearz. Lumpy not impressed.

Felt same this yearz too reelly. Two wordz: BOAR RINGS.

Mind ewes, did discover this stuf called Pimms. Iz juicy.


Mmm, iz tastie.

Wot? Drinkin problem, you sez? No problem. This bottle iz empties, by the weigh. Just sayin.


  1. Lumpy, you are the fetchingest year-old lump that ever lumped a lump.

    Is he in a sleep sack for those first pictures? How to open presents in bed without actually having to stay in bed.

  2. Yes, it is a sleepsack (somewhat grubby, as it's the only one we have that's thin enough for hot weather). It's also quite a cunning way of slowing him down a bit, so he doesn't constantly launch himself off the bed in quest of WIRES! Incredible that he's made it this far, really.