Friday, 11 June 2010

Hello the Interwebs

So. A blog. After years of procrastination, here it is.

Hopefully it will make me do some writing. In the past, I've done quite a bit of that, but have got tied up and lazy recently. I haven't kept a diary since my teens (and hopefully this won't turn out to be anything like that hideously cringeworthy document), but it would be good to have a place to record stuff. Incidents. Anecdotes. Massive life-changing events.

And why now?

Well, I'm due to pop a sprog in a little under three weeks (due date 30th June). Really, I should have started this about 8 months ago, when I peed on a stick wondering where my missing-in-action period had got to. But a combination of superstition, laziness, and the mania of baby preparation has delayed it till now. But here we are. A blog, and a first post. I shall try to post as often, and as entertainingly, as I can. Maybe one day Lumpy (as we've nicknamed the wiggly tummy-dwelling one) will get to read this and be hideously embarrassed. In which case, my work here will be done.

1 comment:

  1. Very much looking forward to following you blog. I have been meaning to start my own for a while may be the inspiration I need.