Sunday, 9 January 2011

Happy Christmas, everyone (err, we're a bit behind around here, sorry)

Merry Christmas and a right rollicking New Year to you all.

Yes, I know all that Christmas nonsense is old news by now, and we're already sick to bloody death of 2011, but hey! We're tired round here. Someone (who shall remain nameless. But he's small and noisy and has lumps. That's all I'm saying.) has decided that 4am is party time, wiggle thrash snort squeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Wait, why are you throwing me out of the window boob ladyyyyyyyy....)

So we're running a bit behind. In fact, the turkey's only just finished cooking. And I haven't even wrapped up all the lumps of coal I've bought everyone (what? That's generosity. Fossil fuels are the future.)

And, mostly, I needed an excuse to post these pictures.* Because... well, awwwwwwwww... ickle babba Santa, nomnomnom, come back, come back, didn't really meant to throw you into the gutter.

And that is all. Jingle merrily on badger etc.

*And, yes, I know Mr Badger has already posted one of these, damn his eyes. But hell, I squeezed Lumpy out of my vee-jay-jay, so I get first rights on all images. That's the law.


  1. vee-jay-jay.




  2. I love your child...even during my most horrid day at work I decided to look at your blog and lo and behold a reason to smile!

  3. Glad to be of service ;)
    Hope work improves, and grimness lessens xxx