Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Harpy Birfdays, Grandmer (late, soz)

Grandmer Lumpies!

I (beings a thortfull and considereat sorts) tried to sends you a card and a lovli big presents (manys present, in fact. Presentz x a millions). I writes it out in best handwritin, wraps up presentz, but those idiots I lives with - they failz to post. Becos they are stupids.

And then they prevents me from coming on the interwebz, with all their screechings and goings on, so I cans not even emailz you. They keeps me locked in a cupboard, you knows. Iz true.

So I has to just sendz you this hugz.

Iz nice hugz. Reelies. Only a bit bitey. And teeny bits slobbery.


Sorry is not wrapped.

Loves from Lumpi xxx

(with no help froms those stupids Booby Badger peoples)

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