Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Houston, we have a tooth

After months - nay, years - of mythical tooth crises, it seems that Lumpy will not actually be a gummy creature into adulthood. Yes, we have a first fang. Just the tip of one, for now, but definitely there, and definitely sharp, and definitely requiring lots of screeching and shouting about.

This may also help to explain why the nights have been quite so dreadful around here lately. Our timing, as always, is immaculate. Move your child out of your bedroom and into his cot just when very sharp pointy stuff starts pushing through his tender little gums. That'll lead to peace and quiet and restfulness for all, oh yay. Pre-order my parenting book, 'How to cause your child maximum distress and destroy your life in 10 easy steps', now!

Anyway, we're hoping, rather optimistically, that this may mean things start to settle down a bit now that the evil chomper of doom has finally forced its way through. The first is the worst, right? Right? (Lie to me, please). Only 19 more to go, anyway - how hard can it be?

We're also taking the advice of the lovely and brilliant Antonia at Whoopee, and trying limiting the Lumpster's afternoon naps. She also advised that we should make sure he eats as much as possible at suppertime, so last night we gave it a go.

Human foot! The most nutritious food for weaning your baby: full of iron, toenails, sock, and fungus. He only made his way up to my ankle this time, but I'm confident he can do the whole leg tonight.

Sweet dreams, everyone!

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  1. Congratulations Lumpy! You are fair enjoying that foot, nom nom nom ;-) xx