Friday, 15 October 2010

Not nearly enough cute baby pictures around here lately...

Look at me's!!! Iz holding giant headz up. This take great skillz. And a strong necks.

My headz is 98th percentiles, you knows.* Iz becos I iz so clevers.

What dat? A mooses, you sez? Wheres? Iz vicious? You think it seen me's? Will run aways.

Actualies, don't feel likes runnings right nowz. Thinks I will examine the floors for a while insteadz.

And now, a gratuitous baby-in-a-bucket shot. Because... Well, look:

And due to popular demand, a close up of those feet.

Baby in a bucket! With chips! Nom nom nom.

*DISCLAIMER: Lumpy's head has not actually been measured by a health professional for more than seven weeks. But that's a big head, right? Gotta still be up there, surely. In fact, it's probably off the scale by now, but that would put him in the freaky mutants scale, so we'll stick with the 98th percentile, thank you very much.


  1. Judging by the bucket shot, Master Lumpy is just about the same size as tiny Jane, despite their age difference.

  2. He's a bit of a porker, it must bf said, despite his continued commitment to bulimia. Not sure how long we'll be able to fit him in that bucket. He may end up wedged some time soon...

  3. Blood love the bucket shot...brilliant!