Friday, 15 October 2010

Spoon conversation

Mr Badger: this spoon has got something wrong with it.

Mrs Badger: how can a spoon have something wrong with it?

Mr Badger: it's all scratchy and the edges are all sharp and nicked.

Mrs Badger: ahhhhh. Yes. That might be the one I dropped into the waste disposal...


  1. Hmmm, Mr Badger seems to have broken into the blog in order to expose my general stupidity. I will try to wrestle him into submission.

  2. Since it was me that positively forced you to start this blog in the first place, you don't think I'd let you set one up that I couldn't hack into occasionally?!!?

  3. 'Me that'?! 'Me who' I think you'll find, my dear ignoramus.

    Anyway, as we both know, there is no spoon.

  4. Grammar schmammar.
    Can I just make it clear that at the start of this conversation I was actually *trying to eat apple crumble* with said spoon.

  5. Somebody call the police, there's a domestic going on!