Wednesday, 29 September 2010

The evil plans against lumpy

Ok, now iz rains. So much rains. Iz clearly part of ongoing evil plan to drowns me to death. Devon is in on its with thems. Pasties now waterlogged, only just edibles. Howeverz, as some person says before, I still has boobs. Plans to cling on to thems for dear life and not let goes. They are excelents floatations device. Will not drown lumpies. Am too clevers for thems.

Manage to nail this message to a sheeps that floated by. Sheeps also excelents floatations device. Will use as back up plan in case boobs fail me.


  1. I want pasties. You stick stamp and my address on 140. Make sure mits are clean and poop free first.

    Make sure Boob is not watching.

  2. But Boob is always watching. Is omnipresent.

    You sure you wants pasties? Are v soggy. And I eated them all already.